What is Blood Cancer? Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Blood Cancer – Overview

Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment. Blood Cancer is Also Called Leukemia. The number of Blood Cancer or Leukemia patients is increasing day by day. There are many types of cancers in the body. Blood Cancer Leukemia is also a type of cancer that occurs in the blood. In this cancer cells slowly spread to the blood.

Blood Cancer is the cancer of the blood or bone marrow. Leukemia Blood Cancer is a comprehensive term that includes a wide range of diseases.

There are three types of Leukemia or Blood Cancer such as

  1. Leukemia
  2. Lymphoma and
  3. Multiple Myeloma.

Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Blood Cancer – Signs & Symptoms

If the Symptoms of Leukemia Blood Cancer is detected on time, the patient can be completely cured. So let’s know Blood Cancer Symptoms: –

  • Body Weakness
  • Breath Shortness
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Excessive Body sweating in the night
  • Pain in the bones and joints
  • Decrease of weight completely
  • Frequent infection
  • Enterocephalism
  • Frequent dizziness, nausea and normal bleeding.
  • Fever and chills.
  • Pain in the stomach, especially in the upper abdominal pain

When the person is suffering from Leukemia blood cancer, the cancer cells begin to interfere with the process of making blood of the body. Even in this, there is an attack on the bone marrow as well as blood. Because of this, there is a problem of blood loss, bone pain and dizziness as Symptoms of Blood Cancer.

Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Blood Cancer – Causes

Blood cancer begins in the cells due to reversal, which occurs in the blood or bone marrow. It spreads slowly into blood. These cells of Leukemia/ Blood Cancer do not end, but become more serious.

Below are the points which shows Causes of Leukemia Blood Cancer

  • Age Factor
  • Family History
  • Infections
  • If your body’s immune system is weak, you may have blood cancer.
  • If you are infected with a particular type of infection, your chances of getting blood cancer can increase.
  • If a person is affected by the HIV infection due to the immune system. So blood can be at risk of cancer.
  • Apart from this, if there is a high dose of radiation therapy for any other type of cancer, Blood cancer can be done.

Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment - Leukemia Helpline


Blood Cancer- Treatment

In blood cancer, Blood cells generally develop abnormal blood cells, blood cancer can occur at any age, and to avoid this, you should be aware of blood cancer. Blood cancer is of many types and Blood Cancer Treatment is possible. Even after having cancer of the blood, one can lead normal life with the right treatment:

  • Chemotherapy– Some people give Blood Cancer- Treatment through chemotherapy. In this therapy, cancer cells are eliminated through medicines. This drug is given to the patient through the form of pill or injection. Depending on the leukemia that is spread in the patient’s body doses of medicines will be prescribed.
  • Stem cell transplant- It is also a Treatment for Leukemia/ Blood Cancer in which high doses and radiation therapy of medicines are prescribed to the patient. Leukemia cancer cell and healthy cell are both affected by the high dose of drugs in the bone marrow. After high dose chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you get healthy cells through long veins. New blood cells are formed from transplanted stem cells.
  • Radiation therapy– Radiation therapy is like X-rays. It does not have any kind of pain it is one of the available Treatment for Blood Cancer. In this, the energetic rays emanating through a large machine passes through the patient’s body and eliminates the cancer cells. While doing this therapy the body health cells are also damaged but the cells are cured with time.
  • Biological therapy– Some people take medicines for the Best Leukemia Treatment, it is called biological therapy. The natural protection of the body increases through this therapy. In this, the medicine is inserted through the syringe in the skin inside the skin. It slows down the speed of Leukemia Blood Cancer cells spread in the blood and gives strength to the patient’s weakened immune system.

Blood Cancer Diagnosis tests

Doctors are mainly suggest with these tests in Blood cancer Diagnosis :

  • Physical exam
  • Blood test
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Urine test
  • Biopsy

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