What Is Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)?-CML Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

CML Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment- Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, or CML, is one of the four types of Blood cancer that begins in the bone marrow. It starts in blood-forming cells and eventually spreads through the blood to the whole body. Because CML is an old form of cancer, it comes slowly and lasts for several years.

What is Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)?

CML Blood Cancer is caused by a genetic mutation, resulting in excessive tyrosine kinase proteins in the blood cells. This protein causes excessive amount of diseased blood cells, and allows them to remain very long. Eventually, these diseased cells have left no room for healthy blood cells.

Due to chronic myeloid leukemia, many people have gene mutations that respond to the Blood cancer treatment done on targeted cells, called gliavec. Gliwake is used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia, along with some other medicines.

Chronic myelogenous leukemia can also be called chronic myeloid leukemia and chronic granulocytic leukemia. Chronic myelogenous leukemia usually affects adults, but occasionally it can happen to children of any age.

CML Leukemia Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

CML Cancer Signs & Symptoms

Disease is often confused with the gradual development of the first non-specific symptoms (for example, fatigue, weakness, diet, weight loss, fever, sweating in the night, feeling of fullness in the stomach), to begin the survey Can contribute. These are Signs & Symptoms of CML Leukemia.

For the beginning of illness is not the characteristic of yellowing, bleeding, easily formed injury, and lymphadenopathy, but large-scale medium or severe spleen increases (in 60-70% of patients).

The following Early Signs & Symptoms of CML Leukemia:

  • Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Easy bleeding
  • Lose weight without trying
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain or perfection below the ribs on the left
  • Pale skin

CML Cancer Causes

The most common causes of the chronic myeloid leukemia:

  • Replacement of normal blood cells of bone marrow by leukemia cells
  • Deficiency of blood cells

Scientists do not know Causes of CML Leukemia The most prominent risk factor is the era. CML has rarely been detected in people younger than 45 years. Often, these are people, who are 60 years of age or older, develops in other major forms of leukemia, which increase the risk in people who come in contact.

And though people whose parents or siblings have had CML it is more likely to develop you, with the history of a family of CML, most people never develop the disease. We have listed all the Possible causes of CML Blood Cancer in this article.

CML Cancer Diagnosis

The Diagnosis of CML Blood Cancer is depend of Stage of Cancer. Its little bit easy to Diagnose and Treatment CML Leukemia in India in the early Stage. Following tests and procedure to Diagnose and cure CML Leukemia-

  • Blood Tests
  • Physical Examimnation
  • Bone marrow biopsy and bone marrow aspiration tests
  • Specialized tests

CML Leukemia phases

At the time of Diagnosis and Treatment first of all Doctor find outs the Phase of CML Leukemia. There are three Phases of chronic myelogenous leukemia(CML) –

  1. Chronic. The chronic phase is first or earliest phase and generally has the best results to Cure or treatment.
  2. Accelerated. This is Second phase of CML Diagnosis.The accelerated phase is a transitional phase, in this Phase CML becomes more aggressive and Dangerious.
  3. Blastic. Last and Final Stage of CML. Blastic phase is a severe, aggressive phase that becomes life-threatening and the Sucsess Rate of CML is less.

CML Cancer Treatment

Treatment of CML Leukemia patients in the old phase and acceleration phase is mainly in the dosage of different drugs. Explosion crisis phase where the disease pattern is done using remedial, high dose chemotherapy of acute blood cancer treatment plan for malignant lymphoblastic leukemia and acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia (based on the prevailing cloned explosion cells).

Experience from the world shows that after the initial conservative treatment there is no substitute for TSC in phase of acceleration or blast crisis. Treatment of CML Blood Cancer is being posted here.

Diet and rule theory, the organization of care for patients is similar to acute leukemia. Splenectomy is not a sign. In cases of explosion crisis, acute mileage is treated according to the Cure programs for leukemia. Teenage version is more resistant to medicine, and its treatment plan has not been prepared. Arrange treatment according to VMP, CAMP and other people’s plans.

The introduction of the method of allogenetic stem cell (TSCC) allogeneic transplantation has made significant Success rate of CML Leukemia. It was shown that it is possible for the TSCs to receive treatment in the 87% of children from the HSL-compliant relative (brother or sister) from the beginning of the old phase of the disease.

In addition to the result, from the time of diagnosis CML and after the background of conservative treatment, to a lesser extent, an unrelated and (or) HLA-incompatible donor, with HSCT are worse in the instant or during the treatment phase of the explosion crisis. . We are writing on CML Blood Cancer Treatment in this article.

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