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Is leukemia curable or not in India? The cause of leukemia could not be ascertained, but for some reasons it is prone to occur. It has been identified. Like all blood cells, leukemia also revolves around the body. Symptoms of leukemia depends on the number of cells, leukemia cells and where the cells are in the body.

Is leukemia curable or not in India?

With new medical research and treatment methods, the sky of hope began to appear, preventing cancer from becoming possible and the question leukemia cancer is curable or not in India will have its answer soon. The merge of long-term painful death has not only brought new options for treatment, but it has also become available to recognize the beginning of the test.

At the center of these research, the real causes of Leukemia cancer and the microscopic or molecular information are being used. Doctors now treat blood cancer as a disease of genes or chromosomes, and not a particular organ.

The Cure of leukemia blood cancer in India depends on its type, ie, there is a different treatment to repair all types of blood cancer. At the same time, it is also taken care of what is the age of the patient and where it has cancer.

The patient suffering from blood Cancer has many options for Leukemia Diagnose or treatment In India. Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Biological Therapy, and Stem Cell Transplant Therapy. If the tumor is large, then doctors recommend surgery.

Is leukemia Curable or not in India?

Cure of Leukemia in India

Our body explores jeans’ code messages daily for our activity. Many times, in the same process, the wrong message goes away and it receives false codes so that the process of dividing the cells becomes uncontrollable. And the same is called cancer.

Now know the good news, have the answer that Is leukemia curable or not in India?. it has been possible with new cutting-edge research of immunodegradable immunodeficiency research and the invention of at least 50 new medicines that doctors call targeted treatment. Some enthusiasts are saying that they are very close to the cure for leukemia cancer in India.

In fact, some targeted treatments are so precise that they are attacked only by cancer cells and the rest of the body does not have its side effects, which is the only reliable treatment available in the case of chemotherapy.

In fact, the search of Gliwak in 2001 proved to be milestone. It strikes straight on the spoiled protein. It has increased the life expectancy of people with particular leukemia to more than five years by 90 percent. Now drugs targeted on jeans are taking this fight forward.

In India, the doctors are ready to try these new treatments we can say soon we could say leukemia cancer is curable in India, although it is so expensive that only a few people can afford it. Yet one thing is clear that the fight against cancer has become more smart than ever before.

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In targeted treatment, it is not seen where the tumor is, rather it emphasizes how the change in the genes or the marker has happened. Marker chromosomes contain genes that are easy to identify. This has made it possible to get very close to cancer, resulting in a complete picture being cleaned up. Not only this, there has also been a significant difference in the perspective of cancer causes, which has remained a mystery to a great extent.

In India, chemotherapy and radiation have been using to cure leukemia cancer in India for the treatment of cancer primarily for the lack of more targeted therapies, which have heavy side effects. But despite the availability of new technology, the methods of diagnosis are such that a doctor can hardly talk about the genes test so that the protein can be identified, which is sending the instructions for unaccounted growth to the cells with the wrong message of some genes.

Leukemia treatment in India

Doctors now see cancer as a part of the organ, rather than organ. With the progression of genetics research, the same concept of prescription treatment changed for everyone.

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