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Here we will discuss about Leukemia Causes, Symptoms & Risk Factors. Leukemia is also Called Blood cancer in which the number of white blood cells in the body increases abnormally and their size also changes. These deposits also hinder the development of healthy blood cells.

Leukemia Causes:

There is no known cause for different types of leukemia. Some of the factors below may be due to-

  • Family history of Leukemia
  • Smoking – Smoking can be causes of Leukemia
  • Chemotherapy or radiation High-level radiation or
  • chemicals such as benzene
  • In connection with harmful chemicals
  • Genetic disorders
  • Previous cancer treatment

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Leukemia Symptoms-

Its definition is elaborate, but you definitely know its 5 general symptoms of Leukemia

  • Appearance of yellowish skin color – Leukemia is a major symptom of yellowing of the skin.
  • Fatigue – In addition to many other conditions, fatigue is also a common symptom of leukemia. So if you feel tired all the time then
  • Fever – With the increase of non-healthy cells due to leukemia, your immune system is low and you come quickly and in a grip of infection and fever.
  • Lack of breath – When you breathe in this disease, you can not breathe deeply and the sausages are small. In this way there is a decrease in respiration.
  • Not to heal wounds – If there is no cure of an injury for long time, it can be a Symptoms of leukemia.

Causes of Leukemia Cancer

Leukemia Risk Factors

The actual causes of leukemia are still unknown, however, many Risk Factors of leukemia have been identified that can increase your risk of leukemia. This includes:

  • On treatment of leukemia –Cancer patients who have already undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer treatment, are more likely to have leukemia than normal people. This happens because often cancer cells do not end completely during treatment, which may be a risk factor for the increase in leukemia for the patient.
  • Genetic disease – Leukemia can also be congenital. Congenital bodily abnormalities also play an important role in increasing leukemia. Some genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome can be the cause of leukemia.
  • Some blood disorders – People with certain blood related problems are at risk of developing leukemia. People with bleeding disorders such as myelodysplastic syndrome may have leukemia risk.
  • Exposure to radiation – People who are exposed to high levels of radiation are at risk of developing leukemia. People who are victims of a nuclear reactor who have survived and survived in a nuclear reactor are more likely to have leukemia than those who are exposed to normal or exposure to radiation from factories.
  • Smoking –Smoking causes great harm to the body. Nicotine found in cigarettes and tobacco eliminates the healthy cells of the body. Because of which, smokers are at increased risk of leukemia. Smoky myelogenesis increases the risk of leukemia (type of leukemia).
  • On having someone in the family – If there is a diagnosis of leukemia in a member of the family, then the family and members of the family are at risk of Leukemia Disease.

Leukemia Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors

Like other cancers, leukemia is produced as a result of the physiological mutations of DNA which activates the oncogenes or disables the tumor suppressor genes and obstruct the control of cell death, differentiation and division. These changes can happen automatically or ionization can occur due to radiation or exposure to cancerous substances and may be affected by genetic factors. So Leukemia Awareness is very important for us.

The group of researchers and Case-control studies has linked the contact with petrochemicals such as benzene and hair color substances with the development of some forms of leukemia.

Smoking Causes Cancer - Leukemia HelpLine

However, due to these main risk factors of leukemia, there are many patients who do not have leukemia. Apart from this, some patients also get leukemia, for which all these causes are not liable. People who are suspected to be leukemia must consult a skilled physician for its treatment.

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