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What is Leukemia? Leukemia Symptoms, Causes & Treatment. Leukemia, also spelled LeukaemiaIn Leukemia Blood Cancer, bone marrow makes a large number of abnormal white blood cells, which are called Leukemia cells. These cells do not work as normal white blood cells.

Leukemia – Overview

A person with Leukemia or Blood Cancer produces unusual white blood cells. Leukemia is a cancer of blood and while lymphoma is the cancer of the lymph glands. This abnormality causes the blood cells to grow and split continuously.

Unusual blood cells do not die and they begin to occupy more space. By producing cancerous cells in excessive form, they inhibit the functioning and development of healthy white blood cells in the blood.

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Leukemia – Symptoms

If we talk about the Symptoms of Leukemia  Cancer then On the displacement of normal bone marrow cells by immature white blood cells with high numbers, the process of forming blood clots from the loss of bone marrow reduces significant blood cell deficiency.

 This means that people suffering from Symptoms of Leukemia/Blood Cancer may easily get scratched, they may have excessive bleeding, or they may bleed from stinging the pin.

In all types of Leukemia/Blood Cancer, compared to the presence of abnormal white cells, more symptoms are seen due to the lack of normal blood cells.

Leukemia Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

  • Having a new lump in the neck or under the arm or in your waist or swelling of any gland.
  • Chronic bleeding from the nose, gums or rectum Frequent nerves or heavy bleeding during menstruation
  • Persistent fever
  • Sweat during sleep at night.
  • Pain within the bones
  • Unexplained appetite or / as well as continuous weight loss.
  • Feeling extremely tired without any reason
  • Having swelling on the left side of the abdomen and experiencing pain along with swelling.

Leukemia Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Leukemia – Causes

Experts are not fully aware of what is the Causes for Leukemia. Some things can increase your risk of leukemia, such as large amounts of radiation or some chemicals.

  • You cannot really stop leukemia, but it is possible that some things in your environment can trigger its development. For example, if you smoke, you are more at risk.
  • Known Causes of Leukemia/Blood Cancer include natural and artificial irradiation radiation, human-related T-lymphotropic virus and some chemical agents, especially alkyl group chemotherapeutic agents for benzene and the last lethal tissue group.
  • Tobacco consumption is related to increasing the risk of developing lethal myeloid leukemia in adults. Some cases of maternal-fetal transmission have been reported

What is Leukemia Leukemia Symptoms, Causes and Treatment- Leukemia Helpline


Leukemia –Treatment

Treatment for leukemia depends on many factors. Your doctor determines the treatment option based on your age and overall health, type of leukemia and its circulation in the body.

The general Treatment Used for Leukemia includes the following remedies:

  • Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy is the main form of treatment for leukemia. In this treatment, chemicals are used to kill leukemia cells. Considering what type of leukemia you suffer from, one or more of your medicines can be treated with a combination of these medicines. Are given in the form.
  • Biological Therapy – Biological Therapy – In biological therapies, those treatments are used which help your immune system identify and eliminate leukemia cells.
  • Targeted therapies – Targeted therapies are used in medicines that attack specific weaknesses within your cancer cells.
  • Radiation Therapies – X-rays or other high-energy beams are used to damage leukemia cells in radiation therapy and to prevent their development.Radiation can be used on a particular area of ​​the body or radiation can be used on the whole body. Radiation therapy can also be used to prepare for stem cell transplantation.

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